We are manufacturers of ovens for motor windings &
welding rod baking. Whether you require natural or
fan-assisted convection or an atmosphere controlled
high-temperature oven we can do it.
We have a bulk volume manufacturing facility for all types
of pallets. We manufacture ASRS pallets as well as heavy-duty
pallets in MS, SS. Available in Spray painted and powder coated.
We manufacture Stackable, collapsible, Foldable, Case bins at
competitive prices & quality. We have a bulk volume
manufacturing facility for all types of Bins. Available in Spray
painted and powder coated.
We have a bulk volume manufacturing facility for all types
of Platform Trolleys, heavy-duty/light-duty Trolleys,
Table Trolleys.
We manufacture in MS, SS & available in painted
& powder coated surface finish

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Stainless steel interior, multiple shelves supports. Rock wool insulation of all surfaces, including the door. Stainless steel motor ventilator. Battery of shielded electrical resistors. Electricity: Up to 245 litres, voltage 230 VAC, frequency 50 Hz. From 424 litres voltage 3X400 V. PID microprocessor.


We manufacture welding rod, baking oven available in 5 kg and 20 kg capacity


Interior in aluminium and exterior in the galvanised plate. Rock wool insulation of all surfaces, including the door. Adjustable horizontal ventilation and adjustable exhaust. Battery of shielded electrical resistors. Axron Swiss PID temperature controller. CE marking and operating instructions.


90 Degree Conveyor

Large, continous, flexible and efficient transmission Perfect to conveying flat-bottomed items like cartons, cases, boxes and pallets Small soft or irregular items are supposed to put on trays or other flat containers Popular applied in confluence and diversion sections Convenient connection to other lines Easy maintenace

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity conveyor is an unpowered conveyor such as a gravity chute or a roller conveyor that uses the force of gravity to move materials over a downward path. A gravity conveyor is used to transport articles with sufficient weight to allow them to move unassisted downwards, usually on an inclined runway.

Chain Roller Conveyor

Chain conveyors are often utilized to transport coal, wood, refuse, and scrubber sludge in pulp and paper mills, waste to energy facilities and coal fired electric power plants. Two different types of equipment, drag chain conveyors and submerged chain conveyors, keep your capital and operating costs low.

Trolleys & Pallets

Platform trolley

The Platform trolley has been designed to carry very heavy loads in manufacturing units, storage houses, airports and industries. Our Platform trolley is designed to be sturdy and very beneficial in transferring heavy goods from one position to another. The wheels at the bottom of plate ensure smooth and quick transport.

Assemble trolleys

The assembly trolley serves for supply and intralogistics in industry and production. It enables the reliable transport of goods, parts and material and saves time as all tools and equipment are available at the workstation. An individually configured assembly trolley creates a tidy working environment and can help to considerably optimize the material flow and work processes in production.

Metal Pallets

Steel pallets are designed to be a robust and durable option for industries with specialist materials handling needs. Using steel to construct pallets means that they are much stronger than regular pallets, they are easy to sterilise and do not rot or carry pests.

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